Bootcamp / BDSM workout

Bootcamp in the park. A sissymaid is trying to reach the monkeybars while the lady lux is watching and holding a whip

Do you want to get in better shape but with a BDSM twist and a Mistress motivating you? Then join The Lady Lux her Bootcamp option! This can be done as a Sissy Bootcamp option or regular, groups or one on one, inside or outside. We will make a custom plan that will work best […]

Outside play / Exposure

Natasha outside with lux at Rotterdam central station. Natasha is wearing a cute pink dress and the lady lux a black jacket with pencil skirt and white blouse. Lux is holding a leach that is connected to natasha her collar.

Would you like to go out as sub, puppy, crossdressed, pony, sissymaid? This is definitely an option. All options and ideas will be clearly discussed beforehand. Professional photography can be included with this option.

Confessing your Sins

Fabienne in her maid uniform is sitting on a praier chair. Across from Fabienne is the lady lux sitting on her throne and wearing a lace dress and pearls.

Confessing someone about your kinks and interests in BDSM or fetishes might be very difficult in this society. Therefore this session might be an excellent option for you. First, you will be placed on the prayer chair on your knees, discussing the main topic. Depending on where this confession or conversation takes us, you might […]

Little Play

Natasha in her cute frilly pink dress sitting at a kids table with a small chair drawing a picture. In the background the lady lux is watching her and holding a cane.

Little play is a specific mindset some people feel comfortable in. There is a psychological explanation behind this. Like pet play, you put yourself in a role where you cannot make choices yourself; you have a responsibility-free lifestyle sleep, eat, play, enjoy life, and listen to your parents. Trust that you are taken care of. […]

Cleaning Servant

Maid Fabienne is vacuuming the floor with a dyson while wearing a classy black maid uniform and white apron.

There are a few options in this category. You can book a separate session and experience this with or without gender transformation. The other option is if you are good at cleaning and are looking to serve The Lady Lux this way, then you could be considered to become her special cleaning assistant. This is […]

Duo session Lux & Loren

The lady lux holding hands with her love loren both wearing a black leather dress and black pumps and holding a riding crops

Lux, her partner Loren (GF), is a switch. He/She likes doing duo sessions together, so booking him/her with your session is possible. Duo sessions with others might also be possible contact us for more info.

Foot Fetish

Daan is in a antique pillary and the lady lux is lifting her feet in the air so daan can kiss them.

Foot Fetish/ High heel fetish and crushing. Foot fetish is one of the most common fetishes. Want to worship The Lady Lux her perfect feet? Or heels? You can. Her feet are always looked after, and her toenails are always painted perfectly. Lux has shoe size 39 and she owns at least 80 pairs of […]

Caging and Confinement

slave alex kneeling in a dog bench. He is wearing a sensory deprivation hoop and a black boxer. His hands are locked behind his back with black cuffs.

Want to be locked up? In many ways, The Lady Lux can lock you up. You can be put in the cage (bench) or put in there while wearing a sensory deprivation hood and have your hands locked behind your back etc. Or you can be locked up in the big cage. And of course, […]


Man holding his creditcard and wallet and four shopping bags

Take Lux shopping. You’re paying. Want to go shopping together and spoil The Lady Lux with gifts? Carry her bags? Be obedient? Paying for her shopping trip is a specific form of servitude that submissive clients can enjoy. They are helpful and willing to go the extra mile to make sure the superior, in that […]

Sensory Deprivation

Submissive laying in a cage while wearing a black leather sensory deprivation hood

Sensory deprivation is done by wearing a sensory deprivation hood. This is possible during impact play, as you will not know what will happen. This can be done while you are in the body bag, locked up in a cage, etc. It will make sure if you are a person that is more stressed and […]