Who is The Lady Lux and why choose The Lady Lux 

The Lady Lux swinging a black whip outside on the green fields of France.

Who is the Lady Lux  The Lady Lux is a classy internationally published professional Domme (previously known as Mistress Lux NL). She is a successful business woman. You can read more about her various specialties and business below.  Why is she called Lady or Milady? It is not just a meaningless name as you find […]

Practical psychology, body language, human anatomy, gender identity and BDSM.

The Lady Lux her sub is wearing a sensory deprivation hood, unable to see, being held by Lux her hands.

Let’s dive into some important topics.  As a Domme, I believe you need to have knowledge about topics such as practical psychology, body language and human anatomy. And for the work I also do, knowledge about gender normativity. I have spent lots of time studying these topics before getting back into the Pro Domme industry. […]

Lux as a fashion designer

Five of The Lady Lux her designs are shown on runway models during Fashion Week 2022 S/S.

The Lady Lux is also a fashion designer. In jewelry, accessories, and exclusive fashion varying from creating for the MTV awards’ red carpet to making a collection for the National Geographic Channel for the Titanic exposition in the Netherlands and Belguim and lots of TV programs and bands.   Last year she had a runway collection […]

The Lady Lux on magazine covers

Four magazines from top to bottom, starting left; Kink Queens, Darkside, Subspace, MassaD. On all these covers the Lady Lux is featured.

Recently The Lady Lux was known by the name Mistress Lux NL.  She is featured on 4 magazine covers and interviews with her old name.  Her favorite is Massad, the first and oldest Dutch BDSM magazine that started way back in the 70s.   When she started as a young Domme at the age of 18 […]