Submissive dining out with Lux & Loren

Fine dining

For this session, you will be submissive to Lux and Loren and take them out to dinner. You will first have an online intake. Upon arrival, we will get ready to go out. Maybe put a little electric shock machine on you or let you wear a small collar or cuffs to get you in […]

Submissive coaching plan

The Lady Lux holding a booklet of her submissive coaching plan

This is a 4 week personalized coaching plan. This can be aimed at letting you be submissive to your partner who does not want to be further involved in the coaching. Be submissive to me or in general and learn to be good sub. How should you behave as a sub?, different types of assignments, […]

Birthday session

Submissive collared and masked, sitting next to his birthday celebration cake.

Would you like a special birthday session? This session will take 3-3,5 hours. There are a few options, the Special Girl birthday option for crossdressers and sissies. The shoe and feet lover birthday of the spankie birthday party for the ones that enjoy pain. You can choose to ad professional photography or pictures with a […]

Sissy training with certificate

Emma proudly showing her certificate. She's a proud sissy maid.

Do you want to become a proper sissy? And get your own sissy training and get a certificate?You can obtain your sissy certificate in a 3,5-hour training session. At the session we first start with a short conversation, then I transform you with full make-up, a wig, and a nice outfit and heels. Then your […]

B&B Bench, Bodybag, Bondage & Breakfast

Victoria is preparing to sleep in her cage. The cage is made out of steel and is locked so she can't get out.

Overnight option: Overnight options are limited and only for people who had a thorough intake or met us before. This is an overnight session. Arrival: 20:00 Departure 11:00. In the night there will be check-ups to see if everything is ok. You can sleep in the body bag on a bed, in bondage, or in […]

B&B Become a maid and breakfast

Victoria posing in her black maid outfit, wearing a white apron. Her outfit is designed by the Lady Lux.

Overnight options: Overnight options are limited and only for people who had a thorough intake or met us before. The become a maid & breakfast option is a long training session where you are expected on the first day at 13:00 and leave the next day at 11:00. Short overview: 13:00 Intake continued by transformation […]

Feminization weekend

Victoria in her maid outfit preparing the bed for a sleepover at The Lady Lux.

Overnight options: Overnight options are limited and only for people who had a thorough intake or met us before. This is a two-day option with an overnight stay at The Lady Lux & Loren. This will be personalized to your crossdressing experience so far. This weekend we will do all the girly stuff, from skincare […]

Buttler for a day

The Lady Lux sitting on her throne while being served sushi by a submissive in a suit sitting on the floor.

This is a long 6-hour session, 11am-5pm where you will get a discounted price and will be REALLY helpful and obedient and serve me well all day long. If you bore me or fail to meet my standards in performing a task, you will be punished. Before the session, we will talk about punishments and […]

BDSM coaching for couples

Left hand with red nails holding a BDSM couples coaching plan booklet

Do you want to include BDSM in your relationship or do you want to elevate your D/s dynamics? The Lady Lux will guide you to finding the right balance. You can freely talk as this is a client confidentiality based coaching. Individual and follow-up lessons are possible. You can also choose for a 4-week personal […]

Introduction session

The Lady Lux wearing a vintage look red top and black pencil skirt. She is holding a red and black bullwhip

This session is specifically designed for either new submissives; people who’ve never experienced BDSM (or have minimal experience), or have had previous bad experiences and want to explore BDSM in a safe environment with a professional dominatrix as a coach. The Lady Lux can create a personalized 3-hour introduction session. Before the session, there will […]