Who is the Lady Lux 

The Lady Lux is a classy internationally published professional Domme (previously known as Mistress Lux NL). She is a successful business woman. You can read more about her various specialties and business below. 

Why is she called Lady or Milady? It is not just a meaningless name as you find often on social media. The Lady Lux is officially a Lady. A descendant of a Dutch evil lord, the family even owned a castle for 156 years. The difference between her and her evil ancestor is that he tortured ‘witches’, while she only punishes people who want and need it. She will apply her knowledge of practical psychology and body language, monitoring their boundaries. 

In her world, everything is high-end, classy and stylish. She demands all of her servants and slaves to strive to be the best versions of themselves. Lux and all the other people on this profile are shown face filter free. On this profile you will only find real people. According to Lux you should always be yourself and not impersonate others. 

Lux is a Lady and a Dominatrix, not an escort. Her sessions don’t involve any kind of sexual acts! At Lux, you keep your cock in your pants and preferably locked up tightly. She does not want to see or touch it. You come to her for professional domination and training. Sex can be found everywhere else. 

Designer in jewelry, accessories and exclusive fashion. Ranging from designs for the MTV awards red carpet to a collection for the National Geographic Channel and TV shows. Last year she had a runway collection show at Fashion Week. Themed “feminine dominance” including a BDSM look with a collar covered in gemstones and a muzzle plated with 24k gold and sterling details. These looks were worn by crossdressing and trans models. Some of the runway looks were also featured in Vogue. 

Gender transformation makeup artist and stylist The Lady Lux and her partner Loren have two non-BDSM gender transformation companies. Trans Makeover: A makeover combined with a photoshoot. Trans Academy: The school of transformation for crossdressing and transition coaching. 

Psychology and coaching In 2006 Lux entered the world of BDSM as a young professional Domme but a lot has changed. For years, Lux learned more about psychology and how to improve her skills to guide people in a BDSM and crossdressing lifestyles. She is looking into courses and studies to specialize further in these topics. The Lady Lux is also writing her first book. 

BDSM coach One-on-one and couples BDSM coaching. On subjects such as starting a FLR together or figuring out how to add kink in the relationship. Crossdressing coach: By guiding individuals or couples where a partner does crossdressing. Teaching them how to introduce crossdressing in their daily life and relationship. 

My findom is different from others. Every Domme has her own kind of brand, which is a good thing. I am a businesswoman, I have better things to do than beg people on social media for money. I will not constantly post and tell you to pay for my lunch, coffee and so on. I have my own money, but if you want to make my life even more luxurious you can. On my website you can buy me gifts, flowers, dinner or send tips. This way, if you’re into this, you can be useful to me and make me happy, as a good sub should. ~Lux~ 

Want to see more of Lux her sessions and BDSM lifestyle? Check out her OnlyFans @The_Lady_Lux 

Why choose The Lady Lux? 

The Lady Lux is a professional Dominatrix who has studied many BDSM-related topics, from body language to human anatomy and practical psychology. In 2006, The Lady Lux entered the fetish scene in those 17 years she gained a lot of experience. 

She does not just treat you like a number when you meet her for a coaching session. Instead, she takes a personalized approach and puts time and effort into your coaching session.  

The coaching sessions take place in her own private studio, she does not work in other studios. 

Not everyone is allowed to book a session, she will only allow the ones who are a right match. The personal intake takes place via email. Be sure to write a well-mannered introduction message about yourself.  

When you are with her you are free to talk about all of your feelings. This will stay private and she will give you advice and will use this information to coach you better. A BDSM experience is not just a simple short session but a journey. She can offer a coaching plan if you are looking for more guidance. She doesn’t only do one-on-one coaching and also works a lot with couples. For couples, there are coaching plans or lessons for those who want to include BDSM or crossdressing into their relationship or take it to the next level. 

Everything is high-end and to her standards. She either does something right or not at all.  Professional photography is optional during your session. The Lady Lux will make sure that the surroundings and you will look the part. Her partner Loren/Laurens will make sure to take the perfect picture at the right moment. If you don’t want any pictures taken it will not happen ofcourse. The Lady Lux respects your privacy and this can be contractually agreed before the session starts. 

Besides privacy, another important aspect is hygiene. A UV-C disinfectant machine is used. The surroundings are celaned after every use and items used are cleaned with isopropyl. When it comes to gender transformations the wigs and clothing are washed after every session. Also 2 clean air machines make sure the air you breathe is purified with HEPA filter.

Note: The Lady Lux is a classy Lady, a coach, a gender transformation makeup artist and stylist, a professional dominant and disciplinarian not a sex worker. There will be no sexual acts during a session. 

Gender Transformations 

The Lady Lux is also known for her gender transformations, she is a professional gender transformation makeup artist and stylist. Together with her partner, she offers gender transformations with photoshoots, without a BDSM session. She runs Trans Academy, the academy for crossdressing and transition with personalized coaching packages for those who want help feeling and looking more feminine. 

The Lady Lux knows how to style her clients as she is also a fashion designer. Her runway collection for fashion week last year featured crossdressing and trans women as models. Styled correctly everybody can look and feel feminine! 

When it comes to gender fluidness even though she is a cis woman and presents as totally femme she understands gender feelings. Growing up, she did not identify as a cis-woman but considered herself a total tomboy with gender doubts. At 19 years old, she identified more with her feminine side and learned everything about becoming the woman she is today. This knowledge is used to help you on your personal journey. Her partner is also genderfluid and Lux sometimes also cross-dresses from female to male (FtM) herself. When it comes to crossdressing or transition you are at the right place.  

The Lady Lux also specializes in dollification, sissification and maid training. Some people who do crossdressing or are trans view this negatively. Lux would like to explain her view on this.