Lux: My kind of sissification, dollification and maid training are on a classy and high-end level. For some who are transitioning, trans women or even people who do crossdressing this is sometimes looked down upon.  Some people who would want to experience this feel others might look upon it as negative. Let’s look at the mindset behind this kind of session. 

I never use feminization as a punishment but as something to get my clients and subs into a different mindset and elevate them. Some do it for the thrill, making them feel ashamed but empowered at the same time because they allow themselves to be in this role. Everybody has their own mindset, some see it solely as an expression of sexualization, in that case they have to look for it elsewhere.  

I offer it as an experience with me being a gender transformation makeup artist and stylist, I will make them look the part and as a coach make them behave correctly in this role.  

I put a lot of time and effort into making them look, feel and behave the part.  

The psychology behind becoming a sissy or doll 

When boys are young there are sections for boys toys and girls toys. Girls toys are more colorful, cuter, shiny and frilly. Just have a look at the standard dolls, Barbies so pink and so extra! Princess kits with makeup, bling jewelry sets, tiaras, and cute shoes. These are things boys should not play with because someone might call them a sissy! Maybe some have never thought about this, but it is imprinted in the young brain. There’s nothing wrong with wanting to be in this frilly cute role? I offer a safe and judgement-free environment where you can be yourself. Regardless of who you identify as sissification and dollification is for everyone. 

This is not everybody’s cup of tea; some people prefer a more subtle form of sissification. Where just wearing feminine clothing or an apron would do. This is of course, also possible during a session. 

Becoming a maid 

Now let’s look at the maid aspect, which is also for every gender. This desire is often formed from a young age. In many children’s books, cartoons, etc you find someone in a feminine submissive role. Someone who always stands behind the woman above them in rank, making sure her day is going smooth and everything is perfect. The embodiment of servitude in a feminine role…The maid! 

It is not strange to want to be transformed and desire to serve me. Instead of just putting them in a dress and letting them clean. I will make sure to do their makeup properly and select the best outfit. Being able to choose from hundreds of pieces of clothing ranging from size xs to xxxxl and shoes size 39-46 and a huge collection of wigs makes this possible. A crossdress walk-in closet and a pink feminization room allow you to completely be transformed. When you look the part, I will teach you how to walk, behave and all the things they need to know to become the perfect sissy, doll, or maid for me. 

This might not be everybody’s cup of tea; some people just want to make their domme or partner happy or prefer a more subtle form. Where just wearing feminine clothing or an apron would do. This is of course, also possible during a session. 

Whatever the reason is, feel free to express yourself.