The Lady Lux

Dutch Dominatrix

Classy internationally published professional Domme previously known as Mistress Lux NL. Located in Capelle aan den IJssel, the Netherlands

Who is The Lady Lux

Why is she called Lady or Milady? It is not just a meaningless name as you find often on social media. The Lady Lux is officially a Lady. A descendant of a Dutch evil lord, the family even owned a castle for 156 years. The difference between her and her evil ancestor is that he tortured ‘witches’, while she only punishes people who want and need it.

Why Submit to Lux

The Lady Lux her sub is wearing a sensory deprivation hood, unable to see, being held by Lux her hands.
Maid Victoria helping Lux getting dressed by holding Lux her heels. Victoria is dressed in a black and white maid outfit. Her dress is black and the apron, and headband are white.

The Lady Lux is a professional Dominatrix who has studied many BDSM-related topics, from body language to human anatomy and practical psychology. In 2006, The Lady Lux entered the fetish scene in those 17 years she gained a lot of experience.

In her world, everything is high-end, classy and stylish. She demands all of her servants and slaves to strive to be the best versions of themselves. She does not just treat you like a number when you meet her for a coaching session. Instead, she takes a personalized approach and puts time and effort into your coaching session.

The coaching sessions take place in her private studio, she does not work in other studios.

Coaching by Lux

Lux can be your coach in Lifestyle, BDSM, crossdressing, transition, and couples coaching. Next to coaching she is a professional disciplinarian, dominant, gender transformation makeup artist and stylist and a feminizer.

The Lady Lux respects your privacy and this can be contractually agreed (confidentiality agreement) before the session starts. Besides privacy, another important aspect is hygiene. A UV-C disinfectant machine is used on the surroundings and items used are cleaned with isopropyl before use. When it comes to gender transformations the wigs and clothing are washed after every session.

Lux is a Lady and a Dominatrix, not an escort. Her sessions don’t involve any kind of sexual acts! At Lux, you keep your cock in your pants and preferably locked up tightly. She does not want to see or touch it. You come to her for professional domination and training. Sex can be found everywhere else.

Sessions & What Lux Likes

Lady Lux only does sessions that she enjoys doing herself, and she also enjoys working with her subs and clients in alternative therapeutic ways. Lux was 18 when she started out as a Domme, Over the years she got passionate about practical psychology and body language but also human anatomy so she can safely guide people in their journey to finding themselves while exploring their boundaries. Finding the psychological aspect of it so you can learn more about yourself and have the session mean more than just a simple BDSM session.

The Lady Lux can be very strict and sadistic but also compassionate and you can speak openly. Everything will be kept private as she works on a client confidentiality agreement.

Not everyone will be accepted for a session. It is not possible to book without an intake via email with The Lady Lux.

What Lux Does

Many of the options below can be combined in one session. Besides the options offered in sessions, you will also find complete session packages and coaching plans. It’s a large list so use the filters wisely! If you want to experience something that isn’t listed below or isn’t listed in the “Things Lux doesn’t do” list, feel free to ask about it.

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Ready to submit?

Not everyone is allowed to book a session, she will only allow the ones who are a right match. The personal intake takes place via email. Be sure to write a well-mannered introduction message about yourself.

The Team

The Lady Lux sitting on her throne, looking to the right side of the image. Wearing a black outfit she designed herself.

The Lady Lux

The Mistress

Loren getting spanked by The Lady Lux, her butt is slightly red. She should've worked harder on this website!


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